Vanessa Kachadurian Why I will #KeepThePromise and #NeverStaySilent

Khoren Kachadurian, when he first arrived in the USA just after the Hamidian Massacres. As many smart Armenians did left
in the 1890s, this is in 1909 he brought his older sister to be married.  He and a group of men went back to fight for their people in 1915, financed by other Armenians.  He found his younger brother Ruben and that was it.  They both were recruited to the Britsh United Arab Tribes under T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) fighting the Ottoman and German
agression.  They particularly had use for my grandfather as he spoke Ottoman Turkish, Armenian and Engish.  Love you Grandpa and I will never let the world forget.. You love us all and it was important for us to carry on 
Far R. the picture doesn't do Zabel (Hirepsime) justice, she had turquoise eyes
None of her grandchildren or great grandchildren got those beautiful eyes.
I do it for them, my grandparents from Van (Anatolia aka Western Armenia)
Khoren and Zabel (Hirepsime) Kachadurian survived but barely, without many family left.  I promised them I would never forget or let the world forget.

Honoring my Grandmother Zabel (Hriepsime) and the other ladies of ARS-Armenian Relief Sociey
They always helped others in the community.  Featured at the California Museum in Sacramento, CA
a "Tribute to California Armenians from Tragedy to Trimuph" 

I am second Generation Armenian-American, my late father taught me to give back to my community.
My late father always would say, "I never had grandparents because of those corrupt Young Turks"

I always reminded him, "You had grandparents but they were needlessly taken from you.  The price you paid when you tried to defend your ancestoral ground, your home, business and church.

Here is my late father always donating his time for and services to the community.  

Armenian American Citizen League (AACL( building at the California Armenian Home or better known as
California Home for the Aged.


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